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Job Role-Specific Referral Rewards
Have Different Jobs Payout Different Rewards Based on Urgency of Vacancy, Number of Open Positions, and Pay for the Position
Multiple Simultaneous Referral Offers
Offer Referrers the Choice to Select a Particular Job Role/Product Promotion or a Message Matching Segment of their Social Circle
Employee Advocate for Referrers
Engage Sales and Customer Success Teams by Having Referrers Attributed Upon Sign Up and Offer Reward Credits to Individual Team Members for Performance of the Associated Referrers
Product Level Referral Links
Get Users to Share Specific Products, Including Products in the Cart to Have Targeted Promotions
Referral Codes for POS Systems
Reward Referrers for In-Store Purchases by Enabling them to Share POS-Compatible Coupon Codes
Printable Referral Vouchers
Enable Referrers to Evangelize Offers in 1-to-1 Personal Settings with Personalized Hard Copy Vouchers
GDPR Compatible Referral Options
Offer Promotions and Track Conversions without Capturing Referral Recipient Data In Program
Mobile App Referral Deep Links
Track Referral Conversions across Multiple Steps that Require Users to Download a Mobile App for the First Time
Referrer Leaderboards
Gamify the Experience of Program Participants and Bring Out The Competitive Spirit Among Them to Nudge Them to Perform Their Best
Pre-Scheduled Referral Offers
Vary Referral Offers Based On Seasonal Promotions, Sales Events, and Upcoming Holidays to Maximize Invite Open Rates
Referral Offers Tied to User Levels
Incentivize and Reward Users to Climb Up the Performance Ladder to Gain Access to Special and Limited-Time Offers, and Share Guaranteed Rewards
Referral Attribution for Job Applicants
We can persist tracking IDs across multiple steps of the job referral and application process to save referrer information in the applicant tracking systems.
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